The Millennial Mindset Influencing the DayBlink Culture

If you were to spend just a few minutes in an executive meeting nowadays, you would be safe to assume that company culture would be a topic near the top of the agenda.  It has become one of the hottest topics in Corporate America and many attribute that to the Millennial generation entering the workforce. Millennials have often been viewed by older generations as non-committal or entitled.  However, you may be surprised to hear that they are actually the most educated group of young adults in American history, with one-third of millennials (ages 26 – 33) having a college bachelor degree or more.  Sure, they may have received assistance from their parents to obtain this education, but you better believe that they are striving to give back to their family, communities and the broader world in their own unique ways.
Millennials are changing the way we think about work, collaboration and ultimately, company culture.  At DayBlink, we embrace this new direction and allow it to truly set us apart from your traditional consulting firms.

No More Mundane Tasks

Millennials have had a dramatic effect on how young people tie meaning to their work.  They are not satisfied with coming to work to perform repetitive, mundane tasks that simply “need to be done.” Instead, they have a desire to contribute to projects and initiatives in which they can find purpose and meaning.  Additionally, Millennials are not solely motivated by salary, which may have been the norm for past generations, but more so by the assurance that their daily efforts are contributing to an endeavor that will have a positive impact on society.  That being said, DayBlink continues to focus on innovative ways to allow employees to use both their consulting and entrepreneurial skills to lead and/or contribute to initiatives that interest them. Whether it is providing pro-bono consulting to your favorite non-profit or working to launch your own start up with the team, DayBlink truly allows their people to find purpose in their efforts.

No More Cubicles

The days of working in closed offices or isolated cubicles are long behind us.  Growing up in a world where the internet, mobile phones and social media have made constant communication the norm, Millennials thrive on collaboration.  This is evident in some of today’s most popular companies in how they hold meetings, design office space, etc.  Similar to Millennials, DayBlink believes that our highest quality work is a product of collaborating with our teams.  From a consulting perspective, this collaboration happens on a daily basis in order to solve complex issues at a client site.  However, the collaboration can also take place at a higher level during our bi-weekly All Hands Meetings where everyone, the CEO to Analysts, are encouraged to share thoughts and ideas on anything from recruiting strategy to company culture.  As a company, our near term and long term growth is dependent on this collaboration.

Not Your Standard Culture

While both meaningful work and consistent collaboration, mentioned above, are top priorities for Millennials entering the workforce, company culture is almost certainly number one.  Everything they are seeking in their daily work lives stems from company culture.  DayBlink preaches life/work balance, flexibility, real time development and promoting based on an individual’s value add.  In addition to these principles, our team’s unparalleled commitment to our clients and our honest effort to improve the communities in which we do business creates a unique culture at DayBlink and separates us from other consulting firms.

DayBlink’s leadership team understands that by 2030, Millennials will make up approximately 75% of the workforce and as a result, we are shaping our culture to appeal to this new wave of employees.  We are fully committed to providing our people with both internal and client projects in which they can find purpose and meaning and truly take pride in their work. Further, we foster an environment that enables people to develop their own ideas and work with experienced team members to bring those ideas to life.

We know that DayBlink’s success is dependent on our people believing in our mission and we are fully committed to being a company that inspires them to believe.

Kyle Zoldy has been with DayBlink since July 2015. Outside of DayBlink, Kyle is the Head Coach of the Drexel University Men’s Ice Hockey Team.