Susheel Nalla

Susheel Nalla


Susheel started his career with Gartner as a research consultant in the finance practice. While at Gartner, Susheel assisted CFOs in driving functional efficiency through process improvements and automation. He also developed corporate finance case studies and whitepapers on progressive growth investment strategies and budgeting improvements that were showcased in executive meetings and webinars for CFOs.

  1. How do you add value to your clients?

    Susheel makes sure that he asks the right questions to really figure out how his work will be of strong value. This, coupled with his ability to think critically and build strong relationships, make sure that clients have a great experience. 

  2. What external organizations or events are you a part of?

    I am a part of the Arlington County Tennis Association and love to play tennis competitively.

  3. What has been your greatest adventure in life?

    Going shark diving with great whites off the coast of South Africa.