Shelby Balius

Shelby Balius


“I was always able to depend on you for whatever crazy curve ball was thrown at us – you have the drive and poise to make the biggest obstacles feel like a piece of cake.  You have set the bar for every consultant to come later.  My only regret in life was not having you as my wedding planner… if only I could have been as stress-free that day!” – Client

Shelby specializes in human capital consulting and change management. She has led high-performing teams across multiple Fortune 50 companies, tackling talent strategy, organizational design, financial regulations, and product development. She has been recognized for her leadership as a people developer and for her expertise in human capital. Prior to joining DayBlink, Shelby worked with Accenture as a Talent & Organization Consultant in their Financial Services practice. She graduated with a double major in Management and Finance from Mississippi State University, where she served as Student Body President.

  1. Proudest award

    MSU College of Business “Top 100 Alumni in 100 Years”

  2. Favorite cause

    Military families and veterans transitioning back to civilian life.

  3. Unique characteristic

    Shelby carries a deck of playing cards with her wherever she goes.


Change Management
Organization Design
Talent Development
Deployment Strategy
Project Management
Stakeholder Impact Assessment
Business Processes
Executive Reporting