Nick Novarro

Nick Novarro


Nick is a recent Finance and International Business graduate from The George Washington University, and a true team player who relies on an analytical mindset to provide valuable insights. He possesses competencies that allow him to synthesize, interpret, and analyze data effectively, relying on his findings to offer useful recommendations to clients and colleagues. Nick has engagement experience in healthcare, consumer services, and telecommunications with a focus on change management, Agile implementation, organizational redesign, and process improvement. Nick also spearheads the DayBlink Internship Program and is an active member of both DayBlink Ventures, DayBlink’s startup incubator program, and DayBlink’s RPA Center of Excellence, focusing on various business development initiatives and internal bot development.

  1. Favorite book

    Freakonomics – the book that inspired Nick’s innovative problem-solving approach

  2. When not in the office

    Nick will ideally be found lounging at the beach.

  3. Favorite movie(s)

    Pulp Fiction (really anything Tarantino) and The Usual Suspects