Michelle Drappi

Michelle Drappi


“You are the deployment goddess!” – Client 

Michelle is a dedicated consultant serving clients by exercising her organizational, analytical, and leadership talents. She leverages her interpersonal skills to collaborate and communicate with her client in order to best identify and serve his/her needs. Her ability to communicate and work with key stakeholders allows her to execute multi-phase deployments and project launches involving cross-functional teams, proven through a successful engagement in Telecom Project Management. Also, responsible for team knowledge management, her background in the visual arts allows her to produce high-quality deliverables and orchestrate team information.

  1. Value add

    Michelle provides careful diligence, compassion, unshakeable loyalty, and resolute accountability. If that phone rings at 00h00 or 03h00, Michelle will be there to answer the call.

  2. Character she most resembles

    Princess Poppy from Trollz – she is kind, energetic, optimistic, and happy…and she loves to sing!

  3. Proudest accomplishment

    Earning her place at the University of Notre Dame as a Transfer Student [member of T-Nation] and graduating a “Double Domer” (Completing 2 Degrees – BA, MS).


Strategic Execution
Cross-Functional Team Management
Vendor Relationship Management
Vendor Technology Management
Knowledge Management
Executive Presentations