Justin Pascale

Justin Pascale


“Justin brings light wherever he goes.” – Client 

An innovative leader in the field of education, Justin has developed a diverse set of interpersonal, management, and analytical skills that allow him to effectively and efficiently deliver solutions to complex problems. Justin has the proven ability and fortitude to manage, inspect, and inspire people to execute individual and team initiatives. His experience in program delivery utilizing JIRA’s program management platform has equipped him with the ability to carry out a strategic vision, while attentively and tactfully consulting clients to prioritize and close initiatives. Operational alignment and program and talent development are some of his areas of expertise.

  1. Proudest accomplishment

    Being a brand new father to his healthy baby boy Nico.

  2. Favorite city he has worked in

    Philadelphia- It’s gritty, historic, and the food scene is impeccable.

  3. Value add

    Justin is proactive, solution-oriented, and holds DayBlink’s promise to deliver integral consulting services as his own.


Curriculum & Staff Development
Stakeholder & Vendor Management
School Climate & Culture Infusion
Instructional & Leadership Coaching
Executive Presentation