Julian Olivares

Julian Olivares


A pragmatic thinker with entrepreneurial vigor, Julian approaches complex issues with an open mind, calculating and evaluating all potential avenues for success. His projects have been centered in the healthcare, international tax, financial, and telecommunications industries. The nature of his work ranges from international tax reporting to developing databases and benchmark tools. With a background in International Business and Finance from the University of Switzerland, Julian has a knack for analyzing data and providing key insights.

  1. Most enjoys about DayBlink

    “The culture at DayBlink is so unique: it affords the benefits of a close and supportive community with all the rewards of an incredibly experienced and professional team. I am proud when my teammates achieve success as this is a representation of our team and our culture.”

  2. Who from history he would hang out with

    Nikola Tesla who, apart from having impeccable style, invented ‘free’ energy. Centuries ahead of his time he had developed a machine and/or process for delivering power without wires. Every day Julian questions why we have yet to adopt his invention!

  3. Proudest accomplishment

    There is no one defining moment in his life. At the risk of sounding ‘cliche’, Julian believes one’s success is determined by a series of actions and continued achievement. In that sense, he is most proud of his willingness to adapt and learn. Being open to new things has been the core of his success and has led him across the world.


Data Analysis
Financial Planning & Analysis
Market Analysis
Business Development
Strategic Planning
Accounting Services