Jason Shim

Jason Shim


Jason is ambitious with a passion to create a positive impact. While completing his education at UVA and Boston College, he contributed to a variety of projects, ranging from the foundation of a non-profit organization with the mission to provide clean water for developing communities, to strategic development for a family-owned hospitality and management group.

Jason’s life-sciences background has allowed him to develop a sharpened analytical approach to problem solving. Additionally, having volunteered as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) for three years, he recognizes the importance of teamwork and critical thinking in high-pressure situations. He has experience in healthcare, life sciences, telecom, and hospitality industries through change management and process optimization engagements.

  1. Most enjoys about DayBlink

    The opportunity to play many different roles. Whether it is externally, for clients, or internal business development, every day brings new challenges and chances to learn. Not only is this great from a career development perspective, but also because it keeps every week interesting.

  2. Who from history he would hang out with for a day

    Julius Caesar so he would rule Rome for a day.

  3. Proudest accomplishment

    Making the decision to not attend medical school and instead, successfully pursue a career in a field he had no prior academic or work experience in.


Data Analysis
Process Mapping / Design
Change Management
Strategic Planning
Design Thinking
Medical Literacy