Hyunju Bin

Hyunju Bin


Hyunju has two years of work experience in management consulting, intercultural and political consulting, marketing, finance, and broadcast journalism. Her consulting experience ranges from supporting vendor management of a Fortune 500 company to strategizing the expansionary efforts of a Swedish tech startup.

Her diverse background helps Hyunju to develop deeper insights and add maximum value. She is recognized for her attention to detail, strategy-oriented mindset, and willingness to assist beyond her scope. Hyunju’s ability to quickly adapt to different situations allows her to jump from a business role to a technical role while maintaining effective communication and time management. Hyunju is a recent graduate of the George Washington University where she studied International Business and International Affairs.

  1. Most enjoys about DayBlink

    Working with a team that truly values my career and life goals.

  2. Invention she wishes she could have helped launch

    The creation of Quantum Physics in the early 1900s.

  3. Go-to dance move

    “The Carlton Dance” from Fresh Prince


Program Management
Executive Presentations
Market Research
Strategic Execution
Business Development
Risk Analysis
Financial Analysis