Hamzah Syed

Hamzah Syed

Senior Consultant

I’ve put you down under ‘Awesome People’ in my contacts list. Thank you for all the awesome work” – Client 

Hamzah is an outcome-driven consultant at DayBlink with experience providing management, cybersecurity, and IT consulting. Hamzah’s skills include technical program management, systems and tools deployment, and business analytics. He has 3 years of experience including projects with Fortune 500 telecommunications and healthcare companies spanning from IT development to operational management. Hamzah received a Master of Sciences in Information Systems & Technology Management from The George Washington University School of Business.

  1. Invention he wishes he could have helped launch

    Uber – Hamzah always admired how the company transformed the transport industry forever. It would’ve been super cool to be a part of the initial launch.

  2. Value add

    Hamzah works directly with clients to understand business requirements, identify gaps, and optimize tools and processes. He leverages his technical skills to provide the most effective business and technology solutions to clients.

  3. Industry insight

    The next big thing in IT will be the application of Blockchain technology outside of crypto currencies and in fields of Real Estate and Healthcare.


Technical Program Management
Data Analytics
Systems Administration
Product Implementation
Process Development
Agile Methodologies