Giancarlo Casella

Giancarlo Casella

Senior Consultant

Giancarlo is experienced in database creation, cybersecurity, corporate social responsibility, vendor management, and process documentation. He has worked with a diverse portfolio of client industries including healthcare, information services, telecommunications, and energy.

Giancarlo is quick and effective at adding value across client industries and projects. With a strong quantitative skillset and outcome-driven focus, he continually exceeds client expectations. Prior to joining DayBlink Consulting, Giancarlo worked as a Strategy & Operations Consultant at CEB (Now Gartner) and graduated with a degree in Economics from Johns Hopkins University.

  1. Most enjoys about DayBlink

    The quick exposure to high profile clients and meetings, as well as the hands-on training from Partners. 

  2. Unique talent

    Giancarlo speaks four languages fluently: Spanish, Italian, French, and English.

  3. Proudest accomplishment

    Being the first in his family to graduate from college in the U.S.


Blue Team Procedural Documentation
Organizational Transformation
Vendor Relationship Management – IT Related
Risk Management
Governance Model Creation
Roundtable Facilitation