Christa Zubic

Christa Zubic


Christa is a recent graduate from the University of Notre Dame, where she studied International Economics with a concentration in Arabic and Political Science.  She has extensive leadership training and takes pride in her effective communication skills, sense of discipline, and attention to detail.  She is passionate about politics, economics, hiking in the outdoors, running, and volunteering to aid the homeless population.

  1. What is your greatest adventure?

    Studying abroad in Jordan to work on my Arabic.  I lived with a host family in a program that didn’t have any other Americans.  I was completely immersed in Jordanian culture, and it was incredible.
  2. Most enjoys about DayBlink
    The people here are truly special.  Everyone works very hard in an atmosphere that aims to build each other up.  I feel welcomed and respected at DayBlink.
  3. Favorite Charitable Organization
    The West Side Catholic Center is an incredible organization that assists the homeless in my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio.  I had the privilege of volunteering there and it was amazing to learn about all the wonderful things they do to help the local homeless population.