Structuring the Information Security Organization

Keeping up with the Evolving Landscape

The continued evolution of enterprise threats has made Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) consistently seek better opportunities and strategies to defend the perimeter and drive action given scarce resources. Pioneering CISOs capitalize on the opportunity to mitigate threats by optimizing their organizational structure in a manner where defensive and preventative processes are streamlined. Through DayBlink’s first-hand consultative experience and extensive research, we uncovered a holistic and best-practice organizational structure that identifies and responds to risks consistently and with vigor. In short, our analysis uncovered that there is not a “one-size-fits-all” organizational model that will work for enterprises across industries. There are far too many variables, conflicting priorities, and mandates to identify any one significant model. However, there are several key functions and reporting lines for CISOs to consider in their quest to develop robust and stable organizations.

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