Maximizing deal value for short and long-term success.

The success of a deal is unforgivingly determined by post-merger integration.

Our expertise in strategic planning, operational integration, and organizational restructuring, help companies prevail. DayBlink has helped Fortune 500 companies expertly navigate through PMO establishment, risk management, integration of systems, real-estate and vendor consolidation, cost reduction, and more. 

Our Approach

All projects begin with a rapid, interview-based identification and assessment of deal objectives, risks and priorities, and management buy-in. DayBlink identifies integration and divesting priorities that can quickly drive the most value. We tailor each transaction and develop solutions with DayBlink’s PMI Pillars of Success at its foundation:

Service Offerings

Planning and Strategy

Mergers are all about creating value, which can vanish into thin air without the proper strategy and plan. Our experience helps clients create a custom integration strategy and operational plans for sustainable short and long-term success.

Program Management

The intricate and time-sensitive nature of an integration process requires a dedicated, high-performing team to execute. Our deep expertise and proven methodologies maximize integration synergies and increase shareholder value – all while sustaining the speed and momentum needed to ensure early wins.

Change Management

Inertia is a merger’s biggest threat. People and organizations resist change and can bring an integration to a standstill. We manage change initiatives from leadership down through to every organizational level, resulting in increased adoption, new opportunities to optimize ROI, and a positive culture of change.

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