Propel to the Future State

Integration efforts are time consuming and resource intensive. DayBlink collaborates with clients to develop tailored post-merger integration plans that focus on realizing value.

DayBlink brings automation, Agile, and digital expertise to the traditional post-merger integration process. Our approach maximizes transparency, increases communication, and reduces risk throughout the life of the integration.

Our Expertise

Acquisitions & Divestiture Planning

Developing a comprehensive plan for incorporating new organizations or divesting businesses provides a strong foundation for integration activity. From the start, it is imperative to establish and communicate a clear vision for the organization post-integration. DayBlink works with client teams to develop and refine an extensive integration playbook that enables success throughout the life of the integration.

Change, Communications, & Culture

As new technologies continue to emerge, IT has never been more crucial to an enterprise’s strategy and day-to-day operations. Delivering superior products and services that reach markets sooner requires a nimble IT infrastructure that is integrated across the enterprise. From IT program design to technical deployments and upgrades, DayBlink’s expertise and experience ensures our clients are not hindered by an aging or limited technology infrastructure.

Integration Management Office

DayBlink’s Integration Management Office (IMO) designs and leads all program management integration activities, including governance and project execution. We provide our clients with the ability to prioritize functions, workstreams, and projects that lead to faster realization of synergies and savings by ensuring activities stay on track. Our expertise in strategic planning and operational integration enables client ownership throughout the project, thereby facilitating seamless transitions upon project completion.

Integration Advisory & Execution

DayBlink provide functional, process, and technical advice, as well as project management leadership for integration-related initiatives. Our experts help teams anticipate and solve potential roadblocks. We provide support across a wide range of business functions, including business process integration, risk management, technology advisory, and strategic execution.

Operating Model Redesign

Navigating the transition of functional teams, key leaders, and the broad organization is challenging. Our team understands the complexities that come with creating a new organizational structure, and leads with culture at the forefront to ensure smooth transition planning.

Lead Partners