Securing the future and your data.

In today’s cybersecurity environment, the threat landscape is rapidly evolving. 

It’s outpacing the current defensive resources and skill sets of most corporations – meaning many companies are falling victim to attacks by malicious agents.

The way we do business is also changing – with more data stored, living in the cloud, and constantly demand on the go. Breaches can mean losing clients and customers overnight. Let DayBlink help keep your data confidential, available (to the right people), and uncompromised.

Our Approach

DayBlink works with clients to improve their security posture. We assess threats and vulnerabilities, identify organizational risk, prioritize remediation efforts, and implement solutions to secure IT environments and critical assets from sophisticated cyber-attacks.

Our Expertise

Security Programs and Operations Acceleration

DayBlink assists organizations in accelerating technical and operational initiatives such as patch acceleration, vulnerability burndown optimization, change management, risk assessments and audits, regulatory compliance remediation (e.g. GDPR), and standards abidance (e.g. PCI DSS, SOX, ISO 27001, HIPAA, etc.).

Policy, Standards and Procedure Documentation

Security policy is the framework that identifies an organization’s security mechanisms, objectives, and solutions. Without an adequate security policy, many corporations fail to develop a sound and secure IT infrastructure that properly mitigates their risks. DayBlink understands that every company’s security policy needs to account for their unique industry and risk appetite. We work to develop a security policy that works for you by assessing the current policies and procedures of your organization’s InfoSec department, identifying gaps, and working to create, refine, and standardize processes and procedures.


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