Empowering Growth and Unlocking Value in Today’s Digital Era

The digital future is here. DayBlink helps finance departments anticipate the needs of customers and stay ahead of the competition.

Today’s digital business world requires high performing Finance organizations. DayBlink has the expertise necessary to strengthen your Finance team’s analytical capabilities, reinforce the forecasting processes, and streamline reporting to key stakeholders. Our mission is to not only modernize your Finance function but to transform it into an invaluable partner for the broader enterprise.

Our Expertise

Finance of the Future

More than ever, CFOs play a crucial role in the design and execution of robust business strategy. In today’s data-driven markets, capabilities to produce and analyze real-time information are no longer a luxury but an expectation. Our experts partner with you to provide the hands-on support necessary to adopt and empower your digital Finance workforce.

  • Talent & Upskilling
    Companies generate massive amounts of data, requiring technical skills to analyze and guide decision making. We have a team of consultants that blend experience in providing management consulting services, expertise in transaction and technical accounting advisory, and skill in teaching a modern workforce capable of analyzing complex data and driving company growth.
  • Automation
    The future of finance is here. Routine business operations are now automated, challenging staff to focus on higher-value output and analysis. DayBlink’s automation experts, backed by industry leading automation technology, can provide a full toolbox to synthesize large data and drive business decisions.
  • Corporate Strategy
    Successful strategy execution requires discipline and a keen understanding of market forces. Leveraging our professional and industry experience as management consultants, we partner with you to create and implement strategies assessing opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

Transaction Services & Support

Companies enter into transactions to achieve strategic growth and increase enterprise value of both parties. Poor planning and execution of the deal can minimize or negate synergies that create deal value. DayBlink has years of transaction advisory experience to ensure you successfully execute your deal and optimize value.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
    Acquiring a business involves consideration of difficult questions around value, fit, and vision. DayBlink can guide your team through this process to identify risks and opportunities of the proposed acquisition and create a roadmap to successfully acquire the new entity.
  • IPO Readiness
    Preparing for an Initial Public Offering (IPO) is a daunting process. Most companies do not have the resources or processes necessary to effectively navigate the IPO process while still running their business. DayBlink assists with financial statement preparation, assessment of the internal control environment and documentation of complex accounting issues. Our experienced team also collaborates with the independent auditors, attorneys and bankers to ensure an efficient process.
  • Audit Readiness
    Audit complication costs time and money and typically result in delayed financial statements. Our Big Four audit background provides us with the knowledge and experience to ensure you are prepared for the demands of the audit team, meet required deadlines, and maintain normal operations during the audit.

Operational Efficiency:

Utilizing the right tools can dramatically increase efficiency when developing strategy, budgets, forecasts and analytics. By leveraging our extensive background in financial processes, companies can unlock shareholder value and use financial analysis to drive critical business decisions.

  • Financial Planning & Analysis
    Budgeting for the unexpected is inherently difficult. By leveraging our prior experience with financial modeling and trend analysis, we incorporate the current economic and industry landscapes into your budget. We also interpret and analyze your data, developing new insights and trends affecting your business.
  • Controllership
    A high functioning controllership team is one which works as an organized unit and has a pulse on the operation of the business, However, such a team is difficult to create and manage as businesses become more complex. DayBlink can help you implement a controllership function that will improve monthly period close, accounting system reporting, general ledger management, treasury and more.
  • Shared Services Support
    Integrating global shared services into finance can provide time and financial dividends for the Finance function. Leverage our Shared Services knowledge to realize these benefits quicker than attempting it alone.

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