Automate Today's Processes To Drive Tomorrow's Success

Today’s accelerating technology and explosion of data have created opportunities for organizations to mobilize a digital workforce and increase their efficiency and agility.

Forward-thinking companies must leverage automation technologies to enable more productive employees and satisfied customers. DayBlink’s Automation services will help determine the right automation choices based on business needs, costs, benefits, culture, and scalability.

Our Expertise

Process Selection & Optimization

Not all business processes qualify as good candidates for automation. DayBlink will analyze your current processes, provide optimization recommendations where needed, assess their readiness to be automated, and determine the cost-benefit analysis for automation.

Technology Selection

Selecting the right technology solution can be a daunting task. Understanding the market and keeping apprised of all the changes in the landscape is what we do, we will help identify the right vendors so you can focus on running your business.

Pilot and Scale

In order to display the value of automation early, DayBlink will guide the execution of a proof-of-concept project, which can be followed by a larger pilot program. Ultimately, DayBlink can assist in implementing an agile development program that quickly demonstrates value and then sustainably scales across your business.

Automation Center of Excellence

As your automation efforts grow it is critical to ensure the proper governance structure and support processes are established. DayBlink will assist in standing up an automation Center of Excellence (COE) and the supporting processes to promote continued success.

Lead Partners