DayBlink Consulting and Vennli enter into Strategic Alliance

DayBlink Consulting, the Virginia based boutique management consulting firm is excited to announce a strategic alliance with Vennli, a cloud-based growth strategy software provider, to improve its clients ability to refine and execute growth strategies. In lieu of this alliance, DayBlink Consulting will certify its entire team on the Vennli platform, enabling DayBlink’s clients to better understand their markets and improve their position in their industries’ competitive landscape.

“At DayBlink Consulting, we are consistently looking to provide innovative solutions to our clients,” said Michael Wong, DayBlink Consulting’s CEO. “We understand the nuances of developing an organizational strategy and Vennli’s solution is truly game changing. This alliance is a key differentiator for us in the crowded consulting marketplace.”

DayBlink Consulting and Vennli’s collaboration will offer a comprehensive and innovative service for all current and prospective DayBlink clients. Vennli’s propriety strategy model and cloud-based software coupled with DayBlink Consulting’s proven advisory services will enable clients to combine piercing customer insight with a clear and actionable organizational strategy to ultimately realize its vision.

“We’re thrilled to have a partner such as DayBlink Consulting certifying their entire team on our software,” said Gary Gigot, Vennli CEO. “Once we realized the natural alignment between Vennli and DayBlink Consulting, a rapidly growing and innovative strategy firm, we seized the opportunity to collaborate together. “

About DayBlink Consulting

DayBlink Consulting is a boutique management consulting firm headquartered in the D.C. metro region. DayBlink Consulting provides strategy and execution advisory services with a client roster of forward thinking companies in the Fortune 500, growing medium-sized organizations, and leading academic and non-profit institutions. For more information, visit

About Vennli

Founded in 2013, Vennli is a privately held Indiana based company and recognized thought leader focused on driving the creation and execution of growth strategies. The company’s comprehensive SaaS product suite centers on building growth cases – strategic and tactical plans for growth in specific market segments defined by customer segment and competitor options. The critically acclaimed Vennli strategy model has been successfully implemented and executed at hundreds of organizations across a variety of dynamic markets around the world. To learn more, visit: or email: