Venture to succeed. Join the ranks. Get the support. Build boldly.

The DayBlink Advantage

  1. Expertise on demand

    Access to DayBlink Strategic Advisory Board, as well as in-house Business, Marketing, IT, HR, and Legal expertise

  2. Capital to fund growth

    Phased capital contributions ensuring adequate resources to hit projected company milestones 

  3. Tailored investment model

    We customize our partnership offering to ensure you get the exact support you need

  4. Increased speed to market

    When you get your questions answered and the support you need, you get to market. Faster.

  5. Increased valuation

    Removing duplicative overhead and increasing speed to market widens profit margins, increasing valuations

Ideal Applicants

We’ll fund companies from anywhere in the world, however they have to be willing to relocate to the McLean VA area.

We fund companies doing everything from building mobile apps to diagnosing cancer. We’ll happily fund companies that just started and have nothing more than an idea. We’ve also worked with more established companies that had significant revenue and operations but were willing to offer equity to avail of DayBlink’s support.

Note: You must have at least 50% equity in the startup to be considered a founder by DayBlink Ventures. Only founders can come to interviews if invited, or attend batch events if accepted.

Application Process

  1. Business Plan Submission

    If you want to apply, please submit your application online by 11:59PM ET on June 27. Groups that submit early have a small advantage because we have more time to read their applications. If we invest in you, your group is expected to move to the McLean area for October–December 2018. You can of course leave afterward if you want, but it’s a good place for your startup to be.

  2. Introductory Meeting

    Successful applicants will be contacted and partnered with appropriate resources from the DayBlink Ventures team to flesh out their plan and address any potential questions raised.

  3. Venture Tank

    The DayBlink Ventures Investment committee will review successful applications and select Founders to pitch at a quarterly Venture Tank event. Applicants will have 10 minutes to pitch their company followed by 10 minutes of questions. Successful teams will receive the opportunity to join the DayBlink Launch Program.

  4. DayBlink Launch Program

    Startups will receive funding, living stipend, benefits, office space, and advisory support from DayBlink Ventures, as well as operational support from DayBlink Consulting. After 3 months, DayBlink will coordinate a Demo Day, where Founders will have the opportunity to pitch for follow-on funding.