Ventures is an integral part of DayBlink’s re-imagined consulting model. Our team of entrepreneurs and challengers launch and grow technology-powered enterprises.

DayBlink provides the platform and resources for companies to improve their velocity, efficiency, and speed to market. Visionary entrepreneurs are supported through funding, operational and strategic expertise, and opportunities within our network. All aimed at helping them reach their potential.


What our partners are saying

DayBlink’s approach is truly innovative. A logical marriage of traditional management consulting and venture capital models, where stakeholders' interests are aligned for long-term success.

Jeremy Joyce, Chief Investment Officer Tourmalet

DayBlink was able to take a business concept and partner with Acquis to quickly stand-up and operationalize the Consulting Consortium. They were able to quickly deploy resources to partner with the Acquis team and leverage their consulting expertise to bring a unique service offering to the market.

Nicole Ru, Principal Acquis Consulting Group

The Ventures

Owned and Operated

DayBlink GPO
DayBlink GPO
Founded in 2019 by DayBlink Consulting LLC, DayBlink GPO joins businesses with best in class industry suppliers to deliver harmonizing and tailored solutions rooted in maximizing mutual value. Their mission is to help smaller businesses gain leverage through combined negotiation power resulting in better operational performance and resource capacity.

At a Glance:

  • Year incorporated: 2019
  • Funding Stage: Seed Capital
  • Represents 400+ global clients in procurement, vendor, and project management
  • Builds community outreach and supports minority owned businesses
  • Provides solutions for 6 different industries
Founded in 2018 by DayBlink Consulting LLC, BearUp deploys seasoned data scientists, cybersecurity specialists, product developers, and automation experts to technology and healthcare companies. BearUp delivers accelerated innovation and unleashes the potential of clients’ digital strategy.

At a Glance:

  • Year incorporated: 2018
  • Funding Stage: Seed Capital
  • Reached profitability in its first month
  • 15 full-time resources
  • $2.7M projected annualized revenue
Consulting Consortium
Consulting Consortium
The Consulting Consortium is a network of industry leading, boutique Consulting firms working together to maximize value for its members and clients. Together we leverage each other’s resources, expertise, and geography to provide a package of offerings tailored to each client’s specific project.

At a Glance:

  • Year incorporated: 2016
  • Funding Stage: Seed Capital
  • 100% membership growth in 2017
  • Targeting Minority Owned Business certification in 2018
  • Successfully executed first two transactions between Consortium associates
1G Holdings
1G Holdings
1G Holdings looks to build solid long-term returns via a very disciplined approach to residential real estate investing. Our team achieves this outcome by leveraging deal flow from innovative financing avenues, local market expertise, and our proprietary U.S. residential housing valuation algorithm.

At a Glance:

  • Year incorporated: 2012
  • Funding Stage: Angel Funding
  • 13 properties owned and operated
  • Entered and maintained property portfolio debt-free
  • 125,000 square feet of prime real estate

Investment Philosophy

DayBlink invests in wholly owned and operated businesses, as well as assuming majority or minority stakes in rapidly growing enterprises.

We value those who embrace change, operate with a sense of urgency, are not afraid to push the limits of technology and are looking to disrupt industries. We invest in businesses that align with our areas of expertise while also providing synergies across our portfolio.

We look for opportunities:

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To which we can intimately understand and add value

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With favorable long-term growth prospects

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Built on a culture of teamwork, honesty, and integrity

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Operated by ethical, energetic, and positive individuals

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Available at a reasonable valuation

Getting funded

9 out of 10 startups fail.

It’s a fact, and not for a lack of ideas, effort, or commitment. Often startups fail because they aren’t able to dedicate adequate focus and energy on the core differentiators of their business. Instead, they are stuck juggling key business responsibilities such as strategy, finance, recruitment, marketing, legal, and operations. Without the capacity to focus on what they do best, they’ve missed the window for their market launch.

That’s where DayBlink comes in – providing strategic and operational support across key business functions to increase speed and help startups succeed.


The Team


Michael Wong

Strategic Advisors

Jeff Bernel
President, Bernel Investment Management
Jay Ferriero
Real Estate
President & COO, Capital Automotive
Dr. Mark Hong
Urologist, Arizona State Urology
Jeremy Joyce
Venture Capital
Chief Investment Office, Tourmalet Advisors